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School Board of the City of Virginia Beach names Dr. Donald Robertson Jr. superintendent

The School Board of the City of Virginia Beach voted to name Dr. Donald Robertson Jr. as superintendent at its meeting Jan. 23. A native of Hampton Roads, Dr. Robertson began his career as a math teacher with Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS) in 1988 and progressed in leadership roles including assistant principal of Bayside High School, principal of Salem High School, chief strategy and innovation officer, chief schools officer, chief of staff and acting superintendent. 

Logo Virginia Beach City Public Schools Charting the Course

Hundreds of Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS) students will participate in the 16th Annual African American Male Summit on Jan. 20 at Frank W. Cox High School. Boys in grades six through 12 will share ideas with each other and with adult community members on topics such as student leadership, community involvement, relationship-building, and physical and mental well-being.

Title I Program 6-35

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Policy 6-35


Title I Program

  1. Generally

    In Title I schools, supplemental instruction shall be offered to students demonstrating the greatest academic need as determined by multiple criteria.

  2. Title I - Equivalency/Comparability

    To assure state and local services are provided in Title I schools, at least equivalent to such services in non-Title I schools, these policies will be observed by the School Division.

    1. Salary Scales

      The division-wide salary scales will be applicable to all staff whether assigned to Title I or non-Title I schools.

    2. Assignment of Teachers, Administrators and Auxiliary Personnel

      Assignment of teachers, administrators and auxiliary personnel will be made in such a way to assure that the numbers of students per staff person in Title I schools shall be equivalent to the average number of students per staff person in relevant comparison schools (i.e., non-Title I or other Title I schools). Any variance greater than the 10% allowed in equivalency computation will result in appropriate action to achieve the allowable ratio.

    3. Curriculum Materials and Instructional Supplies

      Curriculum materials and instructional supplies will be provided to schools with the same grade spans on a per pupil cost factor to assure that all students have access to the same level of state and local resources regardless of whether they attend a Title I or non-Title I school.

  3. Title I - Parental Involvement
    1. Parents/legal guardians of the students being served by Title I shall have the opportunity to participate in the planning, design and implementation of the program.

      The goals of parental/legal guardian involvement include the following:
      1. To establish and maintain activities that will increase the educational opportunities of students at home and at school;
      2. To increase home school connections and collaboration;
      3. To provide school personnel with parental/family viewpoints to increase understanding of the needs of students and support relevant program planning;
      4. To develop parental and family interest through a program of workshops, events and information dissemination;
      5. To keep parents/legal guardians informed of their student's progress in the Title I programs;and
      6. To provide an annual evaluation of the content and effectiveness of the plan.
    2. Parents/legal guardians of Title I students will be provided information about the following components of the program. All materials will be sent home in readable format and in a native language, if possible. Information will include:
      1. Notification of the Title I school status;
      2. Instructional goals for the student;
      3. Progress of the child;
      4. Strategies, materials, and training for providing help at home to work with the student to improve the student’s achievement;
      5. Opportunities for volunteer assistance to teachers/students;
      6. Curriculum measurements for academic achievement, special activities, parental engagement procedures and other information that is helpful to parents/legal guardians;
      7. Virginia Standards of Learning;
      8. Notification of divisionwide meetings and other activities that encourage parental involvement.
      9. Assistance to parents/legal guardians in understanding assessments and how to monitor their student’s progress.
      10. Materials and training to help parents/legal guardians work with their students;
      11. Efforts to educate all stakeholders in the value of good home to school communication;
      12. Coordination of family engagement programs with other federally funded programs.
    3. Parents/legal guardians of Title I students may be provided with the following:
      1. Opportunities for involvement in the development of Parent Involvement Training;
      2. Literacy training for parents/legal guardians; and
      3. Meetings at various times to accommodate an array of schedules.

Code of Virginia § 22.1 253.13:1, as amended, Standard 1. Instructional programs supporting the Standards of Learning and other educational objectives.

Virginia Board of Education Regulations 8VAC20-131 et seq., as amended. Regulations Establishing Standards for Accrediting Public Schools in Virginia.

Adopted by School Board: July 13, 1993 (Effective August 14, 1993)
Amended by School Board: September 2, 2003
Amended by School Board: June 6, 2006
Amended by School Board: May 16, 2017
Amended by School Board: February 13, 2024