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School Board of the City of Virginia Beach names Dr. Donald Robertson Jr. superintendent

The School Board of the City of Virginia Beach voted to name Dr. Donald Robertson Jr. as superintendent at its meeting Jan. 23. A native of Hampton Roads, Dr. Robertson began his career as a math teacher with Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS) in 1988 and progressed in leadership roles including assistant principal of Bayside High School, principal of Salem High School, chief strategy and innovation officer, chief schools officer, chief of staff and acting superintendent. 

Logo Virginia Beach City Public Schools Charting the Course

Hundreds of Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VBCPS) students will participate in the 16th Annual African American Male Summit on Jan. 20 at Frank W. Cox High School. Boys in grades six through 12 will share ideas with each other and with adult community members on topics such as student leadership, community involvement, relationship-building, and physical and mental well-being.

Student Travel for School Sponsored Events - International 6-57.1

School Board of the City of Virginia Beach
Regulation 6-57.1


Student Travel for School Sponsored Events - International

Approval of international travel by students for school sponsored events is conditioned upon compliance with the conditions set forth below, including any additional conditions imposed by the Superintendent or designee:

  1. Funding

    All funding must be through fundraising efforts of participants, grants, or private donations. School Division funding will not be used to support international trips for students. Students who are financially disadvantaged will be provided with opportunities to fundraise or receive financial assistance. No student will be disqualified from participating in international travel opportunities solely on the basis of financial disadvantage.

  2. Adult chaperones

    Chaperones for international travel must be adults who are School Board employees or who are approved School Division volunteers who meet the criteria set forth in Virginia Code §22.1-296.1, as amended, for persons who have interaction with students during school sponsored events and who meet other criteria set forth by policy or regulation. Only School Division employees who are classified as exempt employees will be authorized in their official capacities to be adult chaperones. School Board non-exempt or classified employees may serve as adult chaperones if they do so in their personal capacity, take leave from their official duties and acknowledge that they will not be entitled to compensation or Worker’s Compensation for their participation in the trip. School Board employees will not be entitled to additional compensation for time spent preparing or participating in international travel. Minor children who are not members of the school sponsored group are not authorized to participate in the international travel.

  3. Loss of instructional time

    Provisions are made to excuse or otherwise credit students and School Board employees for lost instructional/work time.

  4. Insurance

    Participants in the international travel must obtain and provide proof of flight/travel and health insurance for the trip. The School Division will obtain an International Commercial General Liability Policy for the School Board that provides coverage that is consistent with the Domestic Commercial General Liability Policy maintained by the School Division to cover claims arising during international travel. The Risk Manager must approve all insurance coverage.

  5. Conduct

    Participants must receive training on the expectations for conduct for students and chaperones during the international travel. Consequences for failure to comply with expected conduct rules, including disqualification from participating in the international travel or expulsion from the travel, will be done in writing and signed by participants and parents/legal guardians, if applicable.

  6. Plans for emergencies or other disruptions

    Written plans will be submitted for how emergencies or other disruptions to travel will be handled. Included in such plans will be procedures for handling return of a participant from the trip outside of the planned travel arrangements for the group. The School Board will not be responsible for costs associated with such travel arrangements or the costs related to other persons traveling to accompany a participant who returns outside of the arranged travel plans for the group.

  7. Health or disability issues

    The international travel tip will include written plans for addressing health and disability related conditions affecting participants. Prior to attending the international travel, all participants will be informed of known physical and mental conditions/requirements as well as available medical assistance associated with the travel. Participants will be required to sign appropriate releases and authorizations acknowledging their understanding of these conditions and their ability to meet the requirements for participation. Participants are responsible for informing the trip advisors of any accommodations needed including any requirements regarding special education, Section 504 services or Americans with Disability Act accommodations. Where appropriate, the student’s IEP or Section 504 Team will determine what services or accommodations may be needed for the student to participate in such trip. No international trip will be a required portion of the curriculum and should be considered an additional and voluntary opportunity for students but not a curriculum based requirement. The School Board will not be responsible for health care related costs for participants.

  8. Passports and other credentials

    The School Division will not be responsible for obtaining or paying for passports, visas or other credentials necessary for international travel. All students, staff members or chaperones must obtain passports or other credentials before being accepted as participants in the trip and such passports or credentials must remain current through the entire trip. Participants are responsible for all cost associated with lost passports, credentials or repatriation.

  9. Other conditions

    The Superintendent or designee may impose other conditions related to the trip based upon special circumstances associated with the trip. The Superintendent or designee reserves the right to withdraw approval for the trip or cancel the trip or the privilege of any participant in attending the trip based upon good and just cause. Prior to committing to participate in the trip, participants will be informed of the cancellation policy as well as the possibility that they may be disqualified from participation for good and just cause and participants will sign an acknowledgment of these conditions as well as notice that the School Board will not responsible for any funds lost due to such cancellation or disqualification.

Adopted by Superintendent: September 6, 2017